The Best Strategy to Win at Blackjack Casino Games

While there are many popular casino games available, Blackjack is the most played and easiest game you can find in a casino. There are many fans for this game, who play it either for free or bet to win the jackpot and earn huge amounts. 

However, the chances of winning are based only on the two cards and wins against the dealer. In order to win a Blackjack game, either a player can hit aka ask for another card, or he/she can stand and hope that his/her initial two cards are good enough to take a stand. In this game, a player can be termed as a winner only if the dealer has more than 21 cards or else if the total sum of the cards is less than the opposite player. 

Although the players of this game cannot be winners all the time, if they use some strategy, they can enhance the chances of their winning the jackpot and minimize the losses. Let’s have a look at some of the best strategies that will never disappoint you by becoming a loser.

Strategies to win blackjack casino games

Win with the tables

One of the best strategies to win in the blackjack is to find the tables that will bring the player luck as per their bankroll needs. While this might be a difficult situation, especially for the players who deal with small bankrolls, it can be made possible by having good research regarding the casino they are playing. However, the players are also expected to be in a condition where they can determine and identify the presence of a minimum number of stacks as few casinos will allow the player to win the game during off-peak hours.

Win little by little

The fear of high stakes is common & no one wants to lose a big amount at the very first game. It can be discouraging when a player loses the game continuously and restrict him/her to play the game again. If you don’t want this thing to happen with you, then you need to use a conservative approach. As per this approach, you need to start betting with a small amount and increase your bet every time you win. Most of the players may think this a silly thing, but this strategy will yield the players with unexpected success. 

Though the idea is to win, in practicality in this strategy, players will be able to see wins and losses in streaks. That means the player can have consecutive wins or consecutive losses, but you need to keep in mind that they come in streaks. For example, if a player loses 7-times continuously, then there will also be the chance of winning the game 5-times consecutively by betting more each time.

Split pair of Aces and 8s

The other best strategy that helps the player in winning the game is the split pair of Aces and 8s. In this strategy, a player can win the game without the necessity of a dealer’s upcard or where it is present. However, when it comes to reality, most of the players do not put interest in splitting the 8s pair, especially when the dealer’s upcard is a nine, or an Ace. The idea behind their thinking is that what is the need to bet more by splitting, but what they don’t realize is that by splitting, they will be able to lose quite a little amount in the long run against a nine, ten, or an ace rather than having a hard hit at the 16.

Hence, it is recommended to split the 8s and ace, and when in the event of Aces, it will result in the best benefit for the player. However, don’t worry about the 8’s because though it depends entirely on the upcard of the dealer. There is a huge chance to cut the losses and win more cash in the game.

Position of the dealer on Soft 17

The other best and easiest strategy to win the game is by identifying those tables where the positioning of the dealer is on the soft 17. The idea behind this identification in the strategy is that there will be a significant impact on the bankroll of the player. The exact thing that happens in the soft 17 is that it will cut down the edge of the house significantly. As a result, it increases the chances of winning the game. So, players need to implement this strategy whenever the dealer is on the soft 17 without taking a chance to lose the game.

Martingale strategy

Martingale blackjack strategy is one of the aggressive approaches to win the game, and it seems to be a foolish one if you don’t believe in winning the game. However, players are advised to use this strategy tactfully and need to be very intellectual with this one. The most important thing in this is that a player needs to have huge amounts of bankroll before start betting. The ideology used in this game is that as the player loses the game, they need to bet more than the previous one. You may laugh after reading this strategy, but you need to understand the ideology behind it.

By using the Martingale strategy, a player can win a huge amount at once. In order to understand it better, consider this one; if a player goes on increasing the bet as he/she loses the game, then as soon as he/she wins the game, at that time, the player will be able to win the more then he/she lose. The next step the player needs to do as soon as they win the game is that they need to quit instead of going greedy and playing for the next turn. By using the Martingale blackjack strategy, a player will be able to win the game and earn a lot more than his/her expectations.

Avoid splitting pair of 5’s or 10’s

Most of the players think that splitting the pair of 5’s or 10’s will shower them up with success, but practicality, it does not happen and they lose the game. The well-known fact for the winners is that a pair of 5s is considered as a hard 10. So, players will always find it a better way to take off a one or draw more cards to make a ten instead of splitting the 5s. The same is applicable even when playing two hands; always start with a 5. While splitting 10s is a much more recurrent thing than losing the game, it is always better to keep them together as 20.

Winning when a stand is possible against dealer card

The other best strategy of winning the blackjack strategy is that whenever the player has a hand, then it is necessary to stand, and it is the time to bust against a dealer’s card. Suppose, if the face-up card of the dealer is 4, 5, or 6, it is the best situation to stand up, especially in the case if the player has a weak hand.

Let’s have an example that explains in a much better way. Suppose a player has a hand comprises of a ten and a two, then it can be said that there is a probability of 70% that a player has a chance to improve their hand. However, there can also be a situation of a 30% chance that makes a way to bust. So, the best thing is to give the chance to the dealer to bust and try again.

1-3-2-6 Blackjack betting system

The other best blackjack betting system is the 1-3-2-6 strategy, where a player can see the better aspects of making more money as soon as they win. However, this strategy again depends on the idea that only if the winner sees the consecutive wins of the game. In case, if the player loses the game, then the entire string gets destroyed. The idea behind this is that as a player wins $10, then he wins $30, then $20, and finally $60 only if the win is continuous; however, when there is a loss, the chain system gets the break.

The strategy of Hard 12 against the Dealers 2 or 3 upcard

Even this strategy can also be ruled as one of the best ones to win the blackjack casino game. In this condition, the decision taken by most of the players is to stand on their 12 without any fear. They do this because of the fear they develop towards busting. No matter whether a player hits or stands, he/she will lose money against a dealer’s two or three upcards in the long term; however, a player can reduce the amount of losing money by hitting. Hence, this makes it one of the best strategies to implement in the blackjack casino game.

Check with the double down option strategy

It is yet another best strategy that will bring success in the blackjack casino game. In this strategy, players can see a reduction in the house edge. While few casinos will allow the player to double down by playing with a 10 or 11, other casinos will allow you double down on any two cards a player wishes to play with.

The strategy to Hit ACE-7 or the Soft 18

Most of the players assume that a hand that sums up to 18 will surely result in a win. It is the situation where the player stands on soft 18 (A-7), this arises when the dealer has a “strong” upcard, such as 9, 10, or Ace. The facts that are resulted from this strategy are explained here. Whenever a player holds an A-7 against dealer’s nine, ten, or Ace, then there are the chances that the player will stand or hit. Anyways players are less likely to take the chances if they hit A-7. The reason behind this is that whenever a player draws a small card, such as Ace, 2, or 3, then the player will lose with a pat hand, which is greater than 18. It will improve players’ chances of winning at blackjack casino. But in case if the player draws any of the 4 10-valued cards, then there will be no harm to the hand.

Double down against the dealer’s six with an ace

In case the upcard of the dealer is a six and the player has an ace, it is the best time to take benefit of double downs. Players should always think to double down in this situation unless they come across a soft 20. There can also be a situation of possibility to double down against the dealer’s five except when the player is at a turn of soft 19 or 20.

Final Words

These are the topmost winning strategies that will help the players to win against the dealer. However, this is the time to test these blackjack strategies in real life. These tips are useful for taking the best step in playing the blackjack casino game. Once these strategies are put into practice and the players can get a good command over them, this will lead them to win more and more in the future.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit your nearby casino right now and try out one of these best strategies to win a huge amount at Blackjack casino games. Happy Gambling!

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