Play Online Games with Best Bitcoin Casinos

Play Online Games with Best Bitcoin Casinos

Casinos have witnessed some drastic evolution over the years. In the past, there was a time when playing casino meant gambling on the money. But with the technological transition, Bitcoin, a popular form of digital currency, has replaced it to a large extent. These bitcoin casinos are becoming quite popular these days and also save the users and players from certain cumbersome rules and regulations.

In fact, it has become an accepted norm for most casinos these days to deal with Bitcoin for a variety of reasons. Known as Bitcoin casinos, these popular places for winning money by playing roulette or card games have created a window of opportunities for gamblers.

Such casinos are famous in countries like the United States. Such is the popularity of Bitcoin casinos in the country that there is hardly any gambler here at present who does not know about it. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, here are the top five US-based Bitcoin casinos to look forward to for an invaluable experience.


As an award-winning Bitcoin casino, BitStarz makes for a comprehensive casino experience by combining Bitcoin with other popular names in the world of cryptocurrencies. It allows players the absolute freedom to not only pay but also take part in casino gambling in their own way.

It keeps participants excited by offering a wide range of table games. Prominent among them include the following:

  • Blackjack

  • Roulette

  • Video Slots

  • Jackpot Slots

  • Live casino games

  • Bitcoin games

These are just a few games from the existing list of games that keep people on the edge of their seats.

In the current context, when there is no dearth of Bitcoin casinos, BitStarz stands out as the pick of the bunch. It can be attributed to its innovative Bitcoin gambling approach.

Here’s a detailed list of features that separate BitStarz from the other top players in the world of casinos.

  • Promotions: It has one of the biggest promotion schemes across all the casinos in the United States. Upon a deposit of 0.0-006 BTC, the provider provides rewards up to 1 BTC, which is equivalent to $100. Not only this, but players also have the option to opt for FREE SPINS. BitStarz also values its depositors’ second deposit. It provides a 50% bonus up to 1 BTC, equivalent to $100, instantly on a second deposit. For those who take to gambling casinos for making money in a quick time, there cannot be a better option than the one offered by BitStarz.

  • Registration: The next big feature on the list is the hassle-free registration. It does not take more than a few seconds to fill up the relevant fields and register an account. Once an account is created, one can start taking part in casino gambling without further ado.

  • Cashouts: One of the reasons why the majority of casino enthusiasts prefer BitStarz is due to its practice of handing over the prize money to a winner in a quick time. Normally, it does not take more than 10 seconds on the part of the Bitcoin casino to accomplish this task. Also, the document verification option, being online, does not take a long time for completion.

  • Customer support: BitStarz has one of the most reliable customer support team. It treats all its customers with due importance. In line with this policy, it leaves no stone unturned to ensure the swift resolution of payment issues. Also, customers can reach out to the customer support team with any query.

  • Security: BitStarz attaches a great deal of importance to the security of its clients. Keeping in mind the vulnerabilities involved in the protection of the sensitive information of the participants, the Bitcoin casino adopts the best practices and the latest technology. SSL encryption and keeping the payments under lock and key round the clock not only safeguard the sensitive information but also protect the funds of participants from theft.

1xBit is the one-stop destination for those who wish to make money by betting online. It is one of the top American sites that allows participants to take part in gambling who wish to try their luck at earning cryptocurrency.

When it comes to putting money on gambling, people generally tend to become sceptical. However, addresses the shortcomings associated with the security of funds as well as the sensitive information of the users of its site.

According to most bookmakers, it is the hub of various Bitcoin sports. Compared to other sites, one gets to play a wide range of sports. The majority of sports enthusiasts look for the right site wherein they can wager on their money. is the leading choice for such people.

Speaking of sports, the website has an impressive range of options for enthusiasts who have a liking for them. From cricket to volleyball or handball, it extends a plethora of options for sports lovers who look for options to bet on their preferred sport. Not just sports, but the website also has bonuses and slots for those who wish to take part in sports for days.

One can get started by choosing a game, and the name of a country. After this, one will see the top teams as per their search criteria. is one of those select Bitcoin casino websites that allows betters to buy betting insurance. It enables them to take part in gambling without any fear or concern in their mind. The concentrated and consolidated effort resulting from it boosts their confidence, which leads to better outcomes.

With so many sports available on the site, the latter is bound to slow down. However, the webmaster of this website has found out a solution to address this problem. The introduction to the Multi-Live page is a feature using which one can bet on as many as 4 events at a time. What’s more, there are 46 languages using which you can look for your favourite sports.

On the internet, some websites ask for quick deposits but have a long waiting time. Putting your money on such websites may mean waiting for hours, instead of minutes, to get your money. addresses this issue using its swift withdrawal feature. Also, doing transactions on the website is simple and easy.


While casino websites are in thousands on the internet, there are only a few that care for its visitors. claims to be one of them. The website is tailor-made to keep its visitors motivated to proceed with their plan of betting money with a free mind.

Speaking of the benefits, it offers a host of benefits to its users. The majority of them include the standard benefits that most visitors anticipate while landing on a casino website. Broadly, the benefits offered by this leading US-based casino website can be segregated under the following categories:

  • Outstanding gaming experience: In order to attract its target audience, the website offers a wide range of casino games. While there is nothing unusual about it, the type of games available on this website is what matters. The best part about games on this casino site is that it involves games that have been hand-picked carefully. What’s more, one can look forward to hours of quality gaming experience with sharp sound effects and stunning graphics.

  • Swift payouts: Instant payouts is another prominent feature of the website that motivates its users to keep coming visiting it at regular intervals. Regardless of whether the money is big or not, the US-based online casino makes the payment to a winner within 5-15 minutes.

  • Secure transaction: Because BitCoin.US offers the feature of making transactions privately, one can bet one’s money without being worried about the prying eyes.

  • Effective customer service: To keep its clients or customers happy, the online casino explores every possible avenue to resolve their issues in time. It assures its customers of quality customer service, regardless of the type of issue in hand.


An online casino platform based on Bitcoin plus a major Bitcoin sportsbook, Cloudbet is a global platform for casino enthusiasts. Though primarily based in the United States, it has a strong foothold in more than 100 countries. This online casino is popular for offering endless possibilities in terms of betting money.

With this Bitcoin casino, one can bet on NFL, NBA, EPL, and other major leagues of this stature. One can do this without bogging one’s plan down due to betting limits. Thus, it not only allows an individual to make a fortune but also do it based on their own betting rules.

On its website, Cloudbet offers the excitement of a thrilling casino environment from the comfort of one’s home. If you are a newbie, the website has several blogs with a wealth of information about how to get started and deal with Bitcoin like a pro. After putting down your first deposit, you become eligible for a full (100%) deposit bonus that can be extended up to 5 BTC/BCH.

If you have been looking for a casino website based in the US and with great odds and high limits, then Cloudbet is the one-stop destination ticks all the boxes of your needs.

Fortune Jack

This casino was founded in 2014 and is turning out as one of the most happening places to curb your betting desires. If you have been looking to make a fortune by playing roulette or card games for a long time, then a first-hand experience on Fortune Jack will motivate you to become regular with the habit of visiting a casino website.

From a wide range of games to numerous slots, this casino website has everything for its American target audience. Unlike the other major players, it does not promote itself much, even on its website. However, the impressive array of features available on this site will give you a feel of what placing your bet on this online Bitcoin casino is all about.

On its website, there is no dearth of choice as far as the available games are concerned. With a collection of games this huge, you can bet your bottom dollar you will have a great time.

Regardless of one’s budget or experience, the online Bitcoin casino promises quality gaming experience to all. It is said that by hitting this casino, you can enjoy over 1400 games, which will invoke the bettor inside you. Ranging from roulette to slots and dice games and betting games, there are lots of games to explore. For upholding security standards, the website incorporates advanced technology such as SSL encryption along with its other standard features.

This casino has been providing thrilling gaming experience over the years, and you will always find people singing its glory. So, try your luck, and if your luck favours you on your gambling day, get ready to hit some hard cash. In case you turn out to be a winner, you can look forward to a swift withdrawal of your prize money.

Final thoughts

When it comes to Bitcoin casinos on the internet, people have numerous choices due to the high-end competition emerging out in the world of casinos. But the wide range of options also calls for a careful choice. Secure transactions and quick payout of money are the two core aspects that the majority of casino lovers look for.

The aforementioned list of casinos is on par with this need. If you haven’t had a satisfactory experience after visiting several casino websites, think about trying out one of these options. You can rest assured that you will have an invaluable casino experience.

Another thing that you need to take note of is gambling is emerging out as one of the best and fun ways out to make some money. But again, one needs to be a responsible gambler to not fall prey to addiction.

So, what are you waiting for? Come online and try your luck by playing some online games with the world’s best bitcoin casinos; you are going to have lots of fun.

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