About Us

We believe that crypto currencies will change the world for the better as they have already changed the way we play online, bitcoin casinos (and other digital currencies) are not even comparable with traditional online casinos, there are no bank commissions, there are no waiting to receive the winnings and the profit share of the casinos is very low, it is the largest digital revolution in online gaming in the last 20 years.


Our site is free and will always remain, we only ask you to support us by following our links.


What is Best Bonus Bitcoin for?

Need it, we help you in the most precious thing that exists, do not make you lose your money and make others earn it.

Unfortunately with the spread of bitcoin scam, sites have increased hand in hand, there are thousands of online casinos that are born from day to night, take player’s deposits and after a few months disappear into thin air.

This is what Best Bonus Bitcoin is used for, we test the sites highlighted, we play games, talk to customer support, check their gaming licenses and do one more thing, and we make sure that the casinos give us additional Bonuses that you can “Turn” to our readers.

Our mission is, to create a community of players from all over the world that shares their experience with other players.

We believe that our bet can be won, many of us write to thank us and we too publicly thank you for the nice words you give us.